I hate it when I start walking before my eyes open. Mornings!

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Warning, Julian In a Bad Mood!

Well, my foot is infected. Spent yesterday afternoon at the VA, did not sleep, spent this morning at the VA. Been up for 26 hours. Started to head for bed when Thor decided to have some fun. Picture me walking through Thor, fire extinguisher discharging and being flung over my shoulder. Powder all over the place, I slammed the bedroom door. Thor went running through the front door, I heard the chief say "screw this" and took off himself. Didn't know a fire truck could peel rubber.

...guess I'm a little cranky, bubba needs some pillow time.

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12-21-12, The World Ends

12-21-12: Thor floated through the dining room wall.
A fire truck drove by.
I sneezed.

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I'm heading into BestBuy when I spot a space about 6 slots away from the door, cool I thought. I stopped to let a SUV out of a space 12 slots away. The driver backed out and took the space 6. Whatever, I thought. So I figured I would continue and get a space on the next row. I really didn't care where I parked, at that point. As I make the corner there is a red car backing out of a space next to the front door and nobody waiting on it. I just laughed. Karma has a sense of humor too. Merry Christmas; and to my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah; to the rest, may your holidays be filled with peace and joy.

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Sheep, No Sleep

I hate when the voices start counting sheep... with their Drill Sergent voice

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