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VA, Toe Busted

Another day at the VA. Woke up about 9 feeling crappy and did the usual self medication. In checking my feet, I also found one of my tootsi's a beautiful purple color. The crappy part is simply bed rest; unfortunately the urple toe necessitates a doctors visit. So, I got the okay for a day off from work and trudged myself to the VA. Home remedies for the crappy, er, upset stomach.

After an X-ray, it was determined I have a dislocated toe. A tow truck was called, biddy boom boom crash! I argued with the podiatrist, that my tow was not dislocated, it was located right there at the end of my foot, a funny color and facing sideways a bit, oh and swollen, but it was at the end of my foot where it is suppose to be. I've won worst arguments with Thor.

So the Podiatrist showed me how to wrap the toe so it will heal. Got some antibiotics... and sent me home.

For a bonus, a couple of "dudes" got into a fight at the pharmacy, the police were called. Never a dull day. I'm going back to bed.

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