Office 2016, not today.

As I bring up my newly, reformatted, Windows 10 DAW, I ponder the installation of Office 2103, Office 365 (NO!) or upgrade to Office 2016.  Sticker shocker prevented the latter.

I've used Claws Mail for several years.  It does everything I need.  I'm also a fan of Outlook, have been for even longer than Claws Mail.

I'm also getting concerend about how much information Microsoft is collecting from me. 

At the end, I decied to go to my old Linux friend: Claws Mail!


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Website On My Laptop

For the past couple of months I have been working on moving my web-sites to my home computer, as a cost saving measure. I original went with CentOS, but decided to switch everything over Debian My first Debian install went fine, but I could not get my mail server, Postfix/Dovecot, to work. So... I reinstalled Debain and decided to go with webmin/virtualmin as a front end for configuring everything. As someone who cut his teeth on Slackware and Red Hat, both on the CLI, I'm not sure webmin is the way to go. I'm spending a long time trying to sort out was GUI in webmin sets up the CLI equivalent of SSL, for instance. *sigh* [/geek alert]


Wings are done....

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HP Breaks Windows

A-R-R-R-G-G-G-H-H-H-H-H!!!!!!!!! Sucking Windows!!!! HP auto-updated and now I can't access my printer!

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My Computer Is "Sending Errors"

OMG. I just got a phone call from 234-321-3432, telling me that my computer is "sending errors." (*yes "is"). First off, the guys accent was so think I could barely understand him. It started to go south when I asked him which computer, I have 4. He kept wanting me to turn on "the" computer. He finally said the Windows computer. I told him I don't run windows. He cursed (I'm sure) and hung up.

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Going Back To Windows

<Geek Failure Alert> Not loving computers. I was putting the finishing touches on my website, when I put the finishing touches on my desktop, in error. To add to my frustration, I locked myself out of my router.

After several minutes of reflection, self pity, admission of defeat; I'm going back to Windows.

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