Website News, The Move.

In an attempt to save money, I tried to move my website to what is called "Shared Hosting." Unfortunately due to a lot of customizations, made by me, it did not work. Soooo, I ended up returning back to my VPS.

There is a possibility that I may have lost an E-mail or two in the process. Feel free to resend the E-mail.


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Shared hosting is where I share the computer with other people. If I make a really bad error, I can bring down everyone. It is inexpensive, but making customizations are not, readily, available.

VPS hosting, I own a part of the computer, all by myself. The computer has four or more people on the same computer. I own a part of that computer, the other people don't know each other, or me. Because I have access to everything on my part of the computer, I can go crazy with my own portion, without affecting anybody else. And if I really go too crazy and screw up my portion, it does not affect anyone else.
[Geek Info]

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Rough Seven Days

Nov 21, 20017: Storage shed door ripped of its hinges, garage door clasp cut in half. Both doors still had their locks engaged.

Nov 22, 2017: While trying to repair my security light, I fell. Right side screwed up.

Nov 28, 2017: While seeing my doctor for the injuries on the 22nd, a car plows through my from yard and wipes out my fence.



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I'm Still Alive

There was a shooting in Tacoma where a Julian Thomas was killed. That person was not I.



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VA, Toe Busted

Another day at the VA. Woke up about 9 feeling crappy and did the usual self medication. In checking my feet, I also found one of my tootsi's a beautiful purple color. The crappy part is simply bed rest; unfortunately the urple toe necessitates a doctors visit. So, I got the okay for a day off from work and trudged myself to the VA. Home remedies for the crappy, er, upset stomach.

After an X-ray, it was determined I have a dislocated toe. A tow truck was called, biddy boom boom crash! I argued with the podiatrist, that my tow was not dislocated, it was located right there at the end of my foot, a funny color and facing sideways a bit, oh and swollen, but it was at the end of my foot where it is suppose to be. I've won worst arguments with Thor.

So the Podiatrist showed me how to wrap the toe so it will heal. Got some antibiotics... and sent me home.

For a bonus, a couple of "dudes" got into a fight at the pharmacy, the police were called. Never a dull day. I'm going back to bed.

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VA Day

Another day at the VA:
I held the door open for another vet. Once he got in, we all waited for the door to close. Finally, I started talking to the door, "It's okay, you can close. Really. You can now close." And finally, the door closed.

As we started to move up, I look at the elevator and my fellow passengers and let them know, "If you talk to elevators, the voices will leave you alone, cause they think you're crazy."

No adjustment to my meds, just some blood work.

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