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VA Day

Another day at the VA:
I held the door open for another vet. Once he got in, we all waited for the door to close. Finally, I started talking to the door, "It's okay, you can close. Really. You can now close." And finally, the door closed.

As we started to move up, I look at the elevator and my fellow passengers and let them know, "If you talk to elevators, the voices will leave you alone, cause they think you're crazy."

No adjustment to my meds, just some blood work.

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The Voices, pt III

Why I don't listen to the Voices:
So I'm standing at work, in front of the medicine cabinet, getting a band-aid, when I hear: "We need to put some condom's in there."

The Voices, pt III
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Rockband and the Voices

I hate it when the voices want to play Rockband while I'm sleeping.

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The Voices, pt II

From the voices:
At a red light, the car next to you is deeply involved in texting.
While the light is still red, blast though the intersection and see what they do.
[/the voices]

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The Voices

I hate it when the voices play doorbell while I'm sleeping!

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