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Washing Machine, Broke.

Long day. Dental appointment, healing okay. Washing machine, well, the repair man found a credit card that I got several years ago and I've never used, wedged between the tub and the frame in the back. Since I have a lot of life changing decisions going on, I asked the repair man,
"What does it mean?"

He replied, "You need to empty your pockets."

Lakewood Appliance, 2 thumbs up, recommend.

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The Tide Itch

As most know, I'm a disabled Vet and get my care from the VA. Lately, my asthma has been acting up and my skin looks like I was on the loosing end of a knife fight. During my visit, we went over what was causing this, change in diet, medication, etc. We dismissed it as seasonal. Out of the blue, she asked me what I was using for laundry detergent. I answered that I started using Tide because it was rated so high by Consumer Reports. ...awww crap! So I'm back to "all" and I have to clip my nails.

My VA doctor rocks!

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