A World Without Technology

The last few days have not been fun. As noted previously, my neighborhood experienced a power outage. I had plenty of flashlights and batteries. Putting the two together in a blackout, was an annoying challenge.

Once power came back on it was time to check the fridge. Everything is spoiled, even the ice in the ice tray had taken on a new shape. The thermometers were at 70 in both units.

But one thing is sticking with me. Out of boredom, I sat down and looked out the window; I was fascinated by how the leaves moved as the cars passed on the street. Between God and Mother Nature, there is a lot out there. I think technology has taken a lot of what God and Nature have given us, away from us.

I did get a couple of walks in. Not a mile or so, but I did get out of the house.

I got very little done on my list for this weekend. But you know, I got to see something I've long forgotten about. Just to relax and watch nature do her thing.


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Split Pole.

Pickup truck vs pole. Pole lost, as did my electricity, all the food in my fridge, a fire hydrant; and my Internet connection is spotty. The truck didn't look all that bad, the driver walked away. Power was out from 1806 to 0752. Just a little shy of 14 hours.

Split Pole.
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My Spirit Animal

Yep, that's me.

Your Spirit Animal is a Hawk.

Like the hawk, you are the messenger from the spiritual world. You're always encouraging people to be more spiritual. You aren't necessarily religious, and you certainly don't push any dogma. You simply want others to find a deeper meaning in life. You are sharp and focused. You can totally and completely clear your mind when you need to concentrate on something important. You have the power to see the full picture of what is going on. You also tend to be good at predicting the future. You don't always step up to be a leader, but you are willing to take the lead when the time is right. You wait for your time. You have a broader perspective than those around you. Because of this perspective, you are willing to be patient and let things unfold.

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Our First Date

Our first date:
My date, "Why is there a Fire Extinguisher in every corner in every room of the house?"
Me: Thor.
What's a Thor?
A Ghost.
Lacking better judgement, "If you see a spider and hear a shot gun shell being chambered, DUCK!"
His aim is crappy. Last time he dropped the gun, it went off and shot me in the tush. Still lacking judgement, "I couldn't torque for almost a month. You want to see the scars?" *Slam!* Lost another one.

'nite, all.

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What Should I Think?

From what should I think:
I open the dryer door and out fell a 5 dollar bill.
I took the load from the dryer to my bed for sorting and putting away. I'm missing a sock. Sock fairy?

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