Lysol In the Oven, Hair Gone

A bad idea. When I fired up the oven it smelled funky. Saw a can of Lysol I just bought, still on the kitchen counter. The stove is gas.... needless to say, the hair is gone, the eyebrows will grow back. I called Molly maids for the usual clean up.

Thank you for calling Molly Maids, May I help you?
This is Julian and I need an emergency cleanup.
MM: Thor?
Me: ... uh yeah, sure.
MM: Ok we will have the crew out in 45 minutes.
Me: Uhm... thank you.
I don't know which is worst, having 911 on speed dial, or having the local cleaning service number memorized... Now, where's my warranty booklet?

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My First Day Drumming

I finally went and got drums. I got the Rock Band 3 Pro Drum and Cymbals Kit. I have 7 different things to hit and 2 pedals to work. Hand drums are way easier. Oh and I have to hang onto the drum sticks. I played free form and accidentally let a drum stick go. The crowd went wild. So I figured that I was onto something, and tossed the other stick. Into the kitchen. I was planning to buy a new toaster, anyway.

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