Rats! I overprayed, again. I was looking forward to making Taco's but not enough time. My soul, my soul, it's off to prayer I go. Shout out to the Big Guy!

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The Shocking, No Visitors

So I'm dancing to something on the TV when there's a knock at the door. Don't know why, it was wide open. I dance towards the door and rap "watz uuup?" Based on the look on their faces, I was not as dressed as I thought I was. All I caught was ord... Thor? He was asleep in his corner. Alice uttered "door." Oh, "should I close my door?" Geese, if you don't like, don't look. About that time the fire truck drove by and gave me the shave and a haircut toot on the air horn. I waved. My guests were still in shock at the door, I told them it's a dollar to look, lap dances are 10. Either start throwing some money or leave. They left a magazine on the porch, it was watch a tower or something like that. Thor nuked it before I could make it all out. Alice uttered, door, again. The fire truck returned and dumped a bucket of water on the ashes (high fire danger). They wished me happy birthday and went on to their fire. I locked up and went to bed.

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How To Manly Bring the Groceries Into the House

Okay. I stopped by the store, got milk, eggs and hamburger. Drove through McDonald and treated myself to an Egg McMuffin, with a Root Beer.

Going into my house requires I close the car door, open the door on the detached garage, unlock the first door to the house, unlock the 2nd door, turn off the alarm, open the third door and put my groceries on the counter.

In preparation I loaded the milk, the beef and the eggs; and my car keys into my left hand. I grabbed the McDonald's and soda in my right hand. I got out of the garage safely, got through the first door okay. I set the soda down and went to get the keys off my left finger. They fell into the bag. NBD, I see them laying on top of whatever, all I have to do is open the bag a little and grab the keys. The eggs bought it!

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Back Home

I'm back. Apparently I left enough food out that Thor was satisfied and my home is still standing. There is a pile of ashes in the shape of a small rodent. I'm debating on if I should investigate, or just sweep and toss 'em.

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My Mother's Passing

This is a more difficult post, to re-post. As I move things around to my new Website, I am not moving everything over. But in retrospect, this was a big part of a time in my life. My brother and I drove to Tracy, California to help put her affairs in order.

This particular post comes from Facebook:
Julian J Thomas My mother had a stroke on the 20th and peacefully passed away Good Friday. My brother and I are cleaning her house. The cemetery is right behind her division. It was a code to signify we made it to Tracy okay. I'm doing alright, considering what I'm going through. Work has been great. There are only two of us in that work at night and we share only on night. His mother passed away a couple of nights after my mom had the stroke. My boss even came in and worked my shift for me. She has been pretty cool about giving two of us the time off to deal with everything.

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