Drowned Beef

They did not have my favorite Fajitas meat, so I got some Stir Fry strips and Fajitas mix. I'm reading the directions when Thor wanders by at stops, looking over my shoulder. I do what any father would do and start reading to my youngin. So off I read, "Chop up an onion and drown one pound of ground beef." I head for the sink and about the same I realize what I just read to Thor; we make eye contact and he starts laughing so hard he falls through the floor. I manage to not fall though through the floor but I'm laughing so hard I can barely stand up.

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Alien Robots

Woke up to a robotic alien in my room. Thor tried to set it on fire, that only made it mad. The local fire department showed up and hosed it down. One shot a water stream through the door and my favorite fire lady hit it through the window. I dove under the bed and floated out the other window.

I made a pot roast for dinner.

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The Voices

I hate it when the voices play doorbell while I'm sleeping!

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Drumming To "It's My Life"

I decided to jump on the drums as take a crack at "It's my Life" by "No Doubt." My band gets on stage and the lead singer is a big burly lumber jack, full beard and all.

It didn't work

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Rough At Work

A rough day at work:
Normal: Honey I had a bad day, can I get a back rub?
Codependent: I had a rough day at work, is that okay with you?
Alcoholic: *hic*
Julian: Don't even start Thor! Flame thrower is tossed at Julian, who tosses it out the window and it is caught by a fire truck driving by. Boo-Berry dish is cleaned and refilled. Thor fluffs a pillow, turns on the TV and starts playing last nights Jimmy Fallon.

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