An Empty Parachute

A parachute just landed in my yard... unattached. I hope the pilot is okay.

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The Voices, pt II

From the voices:
At a red light, the car next to you is deeply involved in texting.
While the light is still red, blast though the intersection and see what they do.
[/the voices]

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The Jiffy Pop Fire

Jiffy Pop. I set the pan on fire. Who knew.

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Missing My Mom

Missing my mom. Happy Mothers day.

Missing My Mom
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Living Alone

Why I live alone:
New Love: Why is the bed so cold?
J: That's where Thor sleeps.
NL: I didn't know you had a cat.
J: He's not a cat
NL: You let your dog sleep on your bed?
J: He's not a dog.
NL: Ewww You have a snake?
J: (Keeping this G-rated) No.
NL: Sits upright, WHAT IS THOR?
J: Sighs, he's a ghost.
Former NL: A what? And bolts for the door.
J: Dang. Resets the alarm and goes back to sleep.

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